¿New wheels?

Discussion in 'Post Up Your Game Ideas & Suggestions' started by Fasteeer22, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. I will only suggest that they add another type of wheels, as well as European for European cars and so for other cars. I leave a few examples.
    We need more of these wheels that leave here, I hope they do something.
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  2. Those Enkai Powermounts are colorful.. :p
  3. Is Enkei Paramount, but I understand. Yeah, we need that style of rims.:p
  4. So basically all the rims from the "tuner" section from GTAV
  5. I thought the same thing! lmao
  6. I see you're a pcr veteran now.
  7. Yep I am. Took a while to get here tho
    I'm the one with most positive rating too ;) only 1 disagree:(
  9. I've got a bunch of disagrees lol, mostly off of fanboys. i'm almost at 400 now lol
  10. Ik sorry bro
  11. Sorry mate. Won't happen again
  12. Don't worry, it's okay. :D
  13. It is? Well in that case I really have to tell you about an interesting freckle I once had...
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  14. About the thread? Or other thing? :)
  15. Not saying ;)
  16. Personally I think the devs should work on new features and modes, but this is a great selection of wheels to add. Nice one, @Fasteeer22 .
  17. I agree. Dev's need to work on new things, not just add a wheel and then the same but in another color, I speak of different styles, no more camber wheels, but new styles like those I shared. I think it's a great proposal.
  18. Wtf? Why you give me a disagree bruh?
  19. Can we have TE38s in grey in the parts store?

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