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    Hey guys. I'm going to use this thread to post videos of my car builds. Hope you guys like my build and big shoutouts to the people sharing their tunes. I'm showcasing their tunes on each build. Stay tuned guys and don't hesitate to tell me if you have a specific car for me to build.

    '69 Camaro SS

    Honda Civic FD1 / Mugen RR

    Mini Cooper

    Toyota Supra

    Datsun 720

    If you guys like the videos, please do subscribe to stay updated with my latest builds. I don't monetize any video and my channel's purpose is solely for pleasure. Happy Racing!
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  2. Thanks man!
  3. Nice stuff mate.
  4. I'm starting my Stock Series. Here is an RX-8 to start with.

  5. Datsun 620 for 1/4 Mile.

  6. EG Hatchback before the competition starts.

  7. The blue color is NOT exactly how it looks on my mobile phone, on my mobile phone it's a bit more blue-ish and more metallic. Either way... that's my dream build.

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  8. Is that a blue purple?
  9. I started my Budget series for new/mid players and for my personal fun.

  10. Yeah, it looks better on my mobile phone, I don't know why it looks so purple on the screenshot. It is supposed to be that blue. (Picture from NFUS2)

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  11. If you're playing on iPhone with retina display it looks better. The colors seems different on my iPad Mini Retina Display as well.
  12. Nah, I'm on a cheap Android device.
  13. Sorry for the "Back To Back" posts but I couldn't upload the picture. Her how it looks on the actual screen.

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  14. the FD1 isnt a Mugen RR, Mugen RR's were a limited edition version of the FD2 tuned by mugen. They had a red color and very few where made of carbon fiber :)
  15. Of course I knew that one. I mentioned it earlier on some other threads that it has the closest resemblance to the Mugen RR. You don't need to educate me on that one :D
  16. Nissan GTR R35

  17. Initial D Panda Trueno

  18. Best time (update) Nissan R35 GTR on 1/4 mile.

  19. Nissan R35 GTR Gold on 1/2 Mile

  20. Dodge Charger Supercharged "Supa Hachi"


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