Baby, I'm back.

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  1. Well, I'm back into this real-life car thing, kinda-sorta.

    As some may know, I accidentally wrecked my real-life car, a dumpy little '03 Toyota Echo with some aftermarket on it, 2 months back, a long story that ends 100 feet into the woods, down a 10 foot ditch, and with a broken tree.

    This was a problem, as I wasn't in the financial situation to get another one. I was scared that my exciting leap into cars was dead in the water. I'm so glad I was wrong. Well, kinda wrong I hope.

    I have another car! A 2001 EM2 Civic! It's a base model with the 5 speed manual, the SOHC 16v D17A1, and it's comfortable and looks good! Now, I've had to make a few, er, compromises to get a car with my money-situation. . .

    It doesn't move. It won't idle, and it sometimes dies at higher RPMs. The timing belt is on its way out, the exhaust flex pipe is leaking. The handbrake is non-functional. The hood has literal holes in it. The battery is dead, and the brakes need to be bled.

    But it's mine now! And I'll get the car moving, and the engine idling, and the brakes bled and on and on! I'll do it if it kills me! I'm back into the car scene, and nothing is taking me out of it this time!

    Photos will be uploaded when I get it in the drive tomorrow.
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  2. Your signature is pretty damn funny. Keep the scratty bonnet and make it a sleeper. If you can put a vr38 in a mini you can put it in a civic. ;)
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  3. A quick update:

    After a little bit of work and a hard jump start, the Civic moves! It will run and drive, and while it stalls out above 3000rpm, I'm not going above that for daily driving, and I'm not putting it on the road until after it's fixed.

    Pictures very very soon.
  4. Keep at it!
    Probably what I'd do as well... :D
  5. As promised, here it is!

    Merry Christmas guys, I hope it's a great one for all of you!
  6. What kind of build are you going for? Is it going to be a track car, a drag machine or a street sleeper?
  7. Honesty, I'm just trying to get it running and solid. After that the fun stuff comes into play. I'm definitely gonna do an engine swap, the D-17-A1 sounds sluggish, and I haven't even driven it anywhere yet.

    K-20 maybe, or a H-22. Or just overhaul the D-17. Maybe de-stroke it to 1.6, set the limiter to 8k and drop a B-16 head on it, if it fits.
  8. What if you put a hayabusa turbo engine in it? Mix it up a little.
  9. That's gonna be pretty hard to get my hands on, and i'd like to stick with Honda stuff to make sure it's all compatible.
  10. No Vtec rip. The D17's seen kinda gutless tbh.
  11. Can't get it above 2k rpm driving, so it's confirmed gutless for now.
    As for the V-tec system, I don't get the point of it. Holding back power until higher RPMs, why not just have a bigger cam to begin with,
  12. you know whats better than a bigger cam ? A bigger cam with a aggressive Vtec crossover.
  13. But why not just get the super aggressive cam by itself?
  14. I dont think you understand Vtec. Once you have the clouds will clear and everything will become clear.
  15. Maybe I should get it running properly then wrap my head around it.

    The engine's pretty high mileage, might just swap a K-series into it.
  16. Depending on what K20 you go with it will probs be cheaper to get a H22 of some sort.
  17. K-20 engines are very abundant here, there's a car 'club' that races their RSXs and EP3s, and they crash them often.
  18. I see.

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