Birthday build?

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  1. Tomorrow is my birthday and iv made every car on the game already...I wish they'd do a update with more cars! But all well. I would like u guys to tell me what's a good car to build so I can make one thank you lol
  2. Happy Birthday buddy :)
  3. Lol thanks. I'm 20 today lol :)
  4. Happy Birthday! and what about a good loking Euro Style Golf MK7?
  5. Ima build one now :) thank u lol
  6. Nice I would like to see It if possible. :p
  7. here it is for now. Im gonna make more builds soon let me know what u think

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  8. I really like It on those rims! Very nice
  9. Thank you I appreciate it :) what builds do u have?
  10. Happy Birthday, how about R34 with Pandem kit?
  11. Ok I might make one with possibly Paul's blue and grey decal it it depends on how it looks together lol :)
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    All my current cars

    Touge Boss: RX7

    Lil Zilla: GTR R-34
    Evo: Evolution VII
    Drift Zilla: 240sx
    Fighter: Porsche 911

  13. If someday in the future trading objects it's a thing, I'll give one of them to you. I have 3 of those wings lol

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