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  1. Hello! Here you can post in which console or consoles you play, the language (s) you speak (if you want to talk to other players), your Gamertag or Play Station ID and finally your favorite games. The purpose of this is just to meet people with the same tastes and have a good time.

    My console: Xbox360
    Language: Spanish and a bit if English
    Gamertag: ckaled aidi
    Favorite games: Call Of Duty, Forza Horizon and Battlefield 4
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    Consoles: I have wiiu with mario on it and ps2.
    Language: latino
    Gamertag: n/a not online
    Games ps2: nfs carbon,nfs mw, god hand
    Games wiiu: mario kart, donkey kong
  3. my console:ps3,ps vita,psp
    psn:sandrik111 please ad me as friend if you want:)
    games:gran turismo 6 collectors edition,gta5(online) with 57 milion dollars,colin mcrae rally 2005 on psp,ultimate marvel VS capcom 3 for ps vita.
    P.S i don't have a pc just a laptop : sony waio e series.
    also my phone iphone 5 c. games on phons :pcr,critical ops,pixel drifters,modern combat 5 blackout,gear club just started
  4. sorry i tiped s3 but i have ps3
  5. Consoles: PS3. Hoop and stick.
    Languages: English, gibberish.
    Games: GTAV, Hopefully gt6 if I can manage to buy a copy that works. A bit of battlefield 4.
    Username: pjcraxford

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