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    When I said wheel bolts I didn't mean lug nuts, the few wheels that have extra bolts like the VX forces are what I was referring too, and I'm just suggesting for the future. If they were to try doing all that now the app would force close/ crash every other race.
  2. Why can we just be simple and go with the new Dodge Demon
  3. It would be cool if we had like the wheelspin in 2 and 3, I don't know i just thought it would be cool
  4. How about a way to select all the items you want to sell and just press a button to sell all of the selected items in one category, like rims for example, it's such a pain to sell duplicate rims one after the other, having to swipe through tens of rims before you sell the one you don't want.
    Just a friendly suggestion :)
  5. Great* ;);)
  6. I want more scoops :/ and Body Kits like the NENGUN Performance or Top Secret Bodykits
  7. An auction site for cars/custom made liveries would be cool. For instance you could make a livery and instead of a multi shared download system where multiple people could download your livery, make it so the livery stays original therefore keeps it's value. You could also have "livery for auction" competitions, a way for livery designers to gain money and gems as well as show off their talent and output some really cool one off designs into the community. These designs would have a seperate leaderboard in the game for those winners(possibly 10+). Money/gems transferred from the winner of each auction to the seller. Users have the choice of upvoting the liveries on auction, meaning greater interest for better liveries, therefore the more work put in would mean greater interest therefore prices would increase. Sellers could decide if the livery is sold with gems or cash, minimum bids, lenght of auction etc. You might choose to only allow buyers to view the livery for a small amount of time, to prevent copying (screenshots an unfortunate workaround). A leaderboard of the most popular skins, the newest skins, and the skins of which the auction is about to close.
  8. Oh, and be able to say choose a turbo and a supercharger combo for a twincharger. Cap it at a max psi too.
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    Multiple slots to save engine tunes.

    So we could switch between 1/4, 1/2 and 1 mile tunes, touge etc...without having to write everything on a sheat of paper and re-tune everytime.
  10. Getting rusted cars from auctions that may or may not have exclusive parts in them would be really cool, stock engine tuning should be improved as well. More colors for tints, full window tints, painting rims or adding the vinyl feature to rims. More cat backs with & w/o straight pipes. Hoods, carbon body parts that reduce weight, higher & bigger spoilers, custom rim making, after market mirrors. Engines should have realistic boost limits and you should have to rebuild the engines to take more boost. Pipe work options so my super charger doesn't ruin the look of my car. Short ram & cool air intakes. Tire replacing after burning out to many time, knock sensor sounds when the engine is about though blow and converting cars to rwd option
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  11. Blow off valves that all have unique blow off noises
  12. There is one that makes it look pretty close to an r34 front end I believe it's the vx lip kit
  13. You don't get a diamond every race 250 is way too much that would take like a month if you play the game for 6 hours a day
  14. I want more PSI and Twin Turbos
  15. Add wrc1993, ford gt90, metropolitan nash, the new honda civic and maybe one kind of lambo
  16. -More body kits, Bomex, duraflex, VIS racing, and Robocar
    VIS Racing


    Altezza/ Euro tailights

    More Wings! - VIS racing, Carbon creations, Cobalt SS Wing, NASCAR wing, and judjing by my privesious suggestions, you guessed it, the invader wing!

    VIS racing wing (s)
    Carbon creations
    Cobalt SS wing
    NASCAR wing
    Invader wing(s)

    wow... that took way longer then i expected, so ill just end it here, but there are still wayy more things i want to be added lol
  17. 17251055876_1d0656f1cc_b.jpg Varis body kit any1?
  18. Hahahahaha! Upgrading it would make it into the most OP car in the game considering how powerful it is already. Nice idea! ;)
  19. I would love to see some Australian muscle cars in the game. Like Utes

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