Could we see this in upcoming updates?

Discussion in 'General PCR Game-Related Discussion' started by Octy99, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. I think that in the upcoming updates we should get drivetrain conversions,I mean there's just something really funny about seeing an AWD 2700hp smart car.
    Also,this game could easily get in top 10 best games on google play if multiplayer would be added,in my opinion.Racing offline is cool and all that but racing online would be even better
  2. online racing is tricky tho.. i mean, which other mobile game is a true online real time multiplayer?
  3. You are right,but i would like some sort of online interaction,even if they dont do online multiplayer,if you could add friends and compare your times to theirs,that would be great
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  4. PCR multiplayer would be REALLY competitive, considering how many good players are out there.
  5. Most games do a type of ghost that uses the online multiplayer and it works really well, and improving your own time while also trying to beat others is really good.
  6. That's what @fabian means, it isn't real time pvp. Ik racing rivals has it though and that's just another racing game, I'm sure there are plenty of them
  7. A game mode where you're able to do some drifting would be cool in my opinion but I guess that won't fit PCR

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