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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself To The Community' started by Kesly, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Hello PCR forum members,

    I am the lead programmer and one of the founders of Studio Furukawa, LLC. I am currently located in Oahu, Hawaii where are current HQ is located. I currently drive a G35 and am a big car enthusiast (As you can see in our work lol).

    I am loving this new forum! it's a great way to get detailed suggestions and support from everyone.
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  2. Sweet my dude! you've done a great work on the game + others in the dev team, looking foward to the future, how's the game improved!
    keep up the good work man!
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    keep up the good work dude :D this is the game were i sleep at the time of 5am in the morning hahaha :D good luck and good day :D
  4. Love seeing car enthusiasts from Hawaii, it must be hard to get parts especially if you don't live on the mainland. Got any pictures of your g35 Kesly?
  5. your curious about Kesly g35 hahaha :D me too
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  6. The game and the forums have been really great in terms of content and community. It's what both players and developers want, and that's why PCR has such potential. Thank you to you and other devs for this. Greatly appreciate it!
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  7. shipping is much more expensive and I have to wait ages for anything to get here lol
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  8. Its always good to have devs that are involved with the community and take the time listen to them.
  9. Nice car, I love cars too and I love what you guys have done with the game.
  10. I live in Missouri I am 24 years old and I own a Nissan 370Z and your G35 is very nice and this is my car

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  11. Keep up the good work, Kesly :D
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  12. Great job on the game but also you got a beautiful car man :D
  13. Great job on the game it's been amazing playing. Can't wait to see your game on the top 10 lists. I usually play a game and then just delete it but I've had this for a while now and it just doesn't get old. Played way more than I should have. Keep up the good work and can't see what's to come
  14. Great job making this game dude. Not only it looks cool, it is FUN finding the perfect tune. Keep up the great work dude!
  15. I love the game, I've played many many racing games on my phone and this beats them all. It would be awesome to see car meets in the game with other people not AI, that way you can show off your wraps and stuff. Maybe incorporate a racing mode where you can make your own crew of friends and race tournaments with other crews

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