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Discussion in 'Share Screenshots Of Your Custom Cars' started by Dkdndndn, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. On this thread, ill be posting all my nice builds, but feel free to drop some pics of your own build
  2. IMG_1130.PNG Nissan Skyline R34 GTR "Rising Sun"
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  3. If you've got the red & gold calipers, you should properly try those out.
  4. Are they the VX ones from the crate?
  5. They are.
  6. Lol I got them as soon as I asked
  7. Screenshot_2016-12-30-23-09-53-772_com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer.png
    Call it Rex,hunting for 2JZ for this car XD
  8. He's beautiful XD
  9. Thanks XD,took some time to build XD
  10. One of my favorites builds. My Touge Boss RX7 Screenshot_20161228-062857.png
  11. Hunting for some 24k Gold rims for this babe! ;)
  12. Wannabe Mad Mike RX7 ;)
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  13. Exactly ;)
  14. Screenshot_2016-12-30-22-00-23.png

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