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    Talk about the most monstrous promods, sleekest drift missiles, best Le Mans drivers and all other car builds and automotive-related topics here.

    I'll start with Hill Climbs... who here knows them or is a fan of them?
    If you want to see monstrous builds put to the test, then look no further. Some of these cars are actually harboring 1000+HP, and with their massive gaping wings and widebodies (depending on build), one can definitely surely enjoy watching these.

  2. How about some good ol' Climb Dance?
  3. Just imagine the balls needed to pilot that monster. Humans can be pretty impressive sometimes aye.
  4. Ari Vatanen has a really big balls.

  5. TG laughs for everyone
  6. Your profile picture still scares the crap outta me
  7. Hill climb meh but drifting up hill is what I like.

  8. All car guys must know this. ALL.

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