European rice

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  1. Here's what I think are the cringiest ricers around Europe..
    So when talking about German car brands, there's Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, which all make decent cars, Volkswagen, very common and good quality/reliability(?). *I haven't owned any yet, so I can't confirm that.
    Then there's something called Opel o_O, or you may know it as Vauxhall... I don't know much about them but what I do know is that there are some potheads here who think that those cheap looking family cars with probably 100 horsepower look intimating. I've had this one fool in his red Opel behind me at a red light once, it had 4 doors, was like 15 years old and looked like it's gonna rust away quite soon.. catless exhaust probably, (he revved and it sounded like a 0.5 liter diesel engine of a lawnmower). Just the cheapest car probably the price of a phone he could find. I couldn't tell if it was a sedan or a toaster, here's a 2 door version:

    Then there's SEAT. I've had this scrub woman raging behind me on the highway, not sure if she was complaining about me driving quite slowly (driving school, k) or about the fact that she couldn't afford more than a 2000's seat 4 door family car, one that basically looked like a trashcan on wheels. And it had this so-called car-bra thing, which just looks absolutely disgusting and I saw a lot of those thing like 3 years ago here. Basically looks like they couldn't afford to wrap their hood in black:
    If you happen to know, tell me how that is supposed to look good in a way xD

    What do you think?, post your most-hated cars down below.
  2. Seat ate not as bad as you think. They have one of the fastest fwd cars around the nurburgring.
  3. that black opel actually looks neat. if this is all the rice you think, you haven't seen european rice at all.

    and i bet you haven't seen american rice/domestic rice

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