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  1. I decided to go for an evo because it's something as it doesn't seem to be a popular car

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  2. I think it looks great. The way you've highlighted the bodykit in black suits the car really well.
  3. Thanks. I thought it would look different to what I've seen. I'm trying to experiment with colours to see other variations to make
  4. Here is another design I had done for this car Screenshot_20170419-145257.png
  5. IMG_3173.PNG I like the Evo V
  6. Nice evo both of you, can i post my evo here?

    Here's my cheesy evo
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  7. Cheesus!
  8. That is one cheese of a ride!
  9. Here is another design I just made Screenshot_20170421-030701.png
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  10. Screenshot_2017-04-21-17-16-05.png tommi makinen's rally evo
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  11. What an amazing car and masterpiece, maybe complete when adding some rally headlights.

    Sry i reply fast
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  12. IMG_3242.JPG If you saw on my picture I put the Evo 5 side sticker
  13. soo i am a big evo fan but i reseted my phone an lost my evo so i cant show it but all designs are really really cool and awesome
  14. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is my 2nd favorite car. Here an racing Design in PCR!
  15. Screenshot_2017-04-22-09-22-58.png love a classic evo
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    "smoking kills"
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  17. Thanks
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  18. [​IMG]
    Here is my Red Devil in Killer Red Paint.
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