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Which is better

  1. Supra

  2. Rx7

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  1. The Honda S660.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Mine is WRX STi but I've seen this one in tournament mode it's subaru 22b STi

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  3. Kind of a necropost mate.
  4. jokes didnt see that
  5. My favorite car would be 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat. I would modify it by fitting an oil cooler, intercooler, twin turbochargers (if the engine was naturally aspirated out of the factory), 2" thick bullet resistant glass on all windows + windshield, boost gauges, (so I can tell if my turbos are functioning), forged aluminum rims, and a bright green paint job.
  6. My favourite car is the toyota supra MK IV. I love the shape of them and the sound of 2jz with anti-lag is music to my ears!
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  7. He's in the love with Supra's shape, he's in love with it's body.... XD
  8. twin-turbo..... on a american muscle.... a Hell cat?!??..... YOU MONSTER.... THE SUPERCHARGER IS THE VOICE OF THE HELL CAT..... YOU CAN NOT TAKE HER VOICE!!!!!!
    ( JK)

    ( NOT JK :mad: )
  9. My favorite AFFORDABLE car is a Mazda RX-8 with a mazdaspeed body kit, a stock wing, a midnight purple wrap and a nice supercharger for theat low-end torque... and some OZ black rims
    My dream car is a BMW M3 E46 GTR..... they are like 10 in the world.... super expensive.... and i want a GT body kit on it... and a paint job to look exactly like the one from NFS MW ( the good one, 2005)

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