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Discussion in 'Ask The Development Team Your Questions' started by AzTec, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. The last week or so the forum seemed to be broken. Was anything wrong? Was it connected to the Porsche dissapearance?
    P.S. Thanks for the update, the new kit is dope on some cars. Also the big wing is still offset.
  2. I dont think porsche is the problem

    The forum and development is run by 2 different team.

    Btw im stick to listen
  3. Facts.
  4. We had a database table crash on us and it took me a little bit of work to get in and get it fixed. Sorry for the delay.
  5. It's fine. I'm just glad the forums are back.
  6. Mate, this is the wrong thread to post this in. If you have any issues with the game, post it in either the community suggestions thread or message the devs directly.
  7. Oh im sorry my dude my bad..
  8. No problem

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