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  1. If you are in the drag race and you reverse to the back, and you stop there for a moment.. you will found that the 'z' symbol appears at the top of the car, like on the picture below... (If anyone found more fun fact about the game, feel free to comment below..)TQ...

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  2. In the garage if you click the tv a racing thing comes on
  3. lol I didn't know about this zzz :p
  4. When you use your horn in the cruise mode bots start to race with you. ;)
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  5. Thanks mate ben trying to figure this one out, but wheres the horn?
  6. if you jus stay in the same spot without moving when the race starts, you get the zzz's aswell
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    Same as the hazzard button
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    There is actually a separate headlight button that switches it from low to high beams . And a separate hazard / horn button . In short its hazzard not headlight button
  9. Oh sorry i meant hazzard
  10. On some cars, the Rocketbunny rear bumper does nothing.
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  11. Nice find
  12. With the truck, instead of racks being on the roof, they will be in the bed of the truck.
  13. On most cars in the game, they have the same basic parts when the BN Kit is applied. The only cars that I have found so far to have the proper BN Kit when applied are the Subaru BRZ, Nissan S13 240SX, Nissan S13 Coupe, Mazda MX5 1995, Mazda RX7, Lexus IS200 and the Acura NSX 2017.
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  14. Nice find on the TV
  15. If you put the delete kit on the rear of the R35 and then the 6666 spoiler, you get a different looking taillight surround. I think this is the only car that this works with.
  16. Awesome! :)
  17. If you start the drag and put your gear into neutral (N), before car stops, then it drives over the start line.(probably everyone knows it)
  18. On some cars, there is no stock wing.
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  19. You can slipstream your opponents on CTF , it works with cruise as well. Like this I achieved a top speed of 526KMH
  20. I'm pretty sure everyone knows this by now, but the doors in the shop open when you tap them. Also a red tag of the name appears of the item. This thread will be even better after story mode is released and they put a bunch of easter eggs and references in. Also, if you go to free run at night your car will be on the Tokyo expressway.

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