How Game Updates Work (TheButtKickerUK Explains)

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  1. A'ight! so just yesterday, I went onto the Google Play Store (I am on Android for those of you who didn't know) to check for the Halloween Update 1.0.32 that I originally thought needed to be downloaded on to Pixel Car Racer, but it showed that it was already updated, which got me to realize that the update(s) actually happen to be a "tunables update".

    Okay, so let's get my nerd hat and glasses on and let me explain what this means:

    So basically what a "tunables update" is, it is the exact same as to how a normal update would work, but the developers of the game can release new content to the game without the need for people to download a update. There needs to be a main update so that then they can release a "tunables update" after the main one is released.

    In short, they can update the tunable files with new content and release them without needing of a downloadable update.

    Sometimes, developers can release a downloadable update with content within it, but they can save some of the content later with a "tunables" update and release the saved content that way, whether it's for a special day of the year, or for something else specific, but some people can get access to the unreleased content, as the content may already be in the game, just not yet released for all users.

    For example, this is the same way that Rockstar Games uses for their updates for GTA V/GTA Online on some occasions, whether it's for seasonal or special updates.
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  2. This is a really clear explanation. Thanks for the help :)
  3. It's really more likely that your app auto-updated itself.
  4. So literally use real racing 3's sysem?
  5. I've always had to manually download my updates (had auto-update off) and every update they've released I've downloaded. Never seen new content without me pushing the update button.
  6. Then how do you explain this, I playyed the haloween update after the newer version was out and I still was able to buy haloween limited items???
  7. How dare you compare that "game" to pixel car racer. Anyway, I see no problem with it being like r*** r*****'s system, or GTA 5's for that matter. If you don't want updates that's fine, I personally think it's nice to have some more content available on special occasions without having to waste time installing a new update.
  8. Well i like that game . Plz dont kill me . I like it because it has irl tracks like monza,silverstone,catlunya, suzuka,laguna seca,indy,daytona . Plus it has spa (my favourite race track irl) in it . So instant approval from me

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