How many of you guys are car enthusiasts?

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  1. So I'm a car enthusiast, but don't own an enthusiasts car. If it's not very private or your willing share your ride and or current place you like to get current car news or stories!

    My car is a '05 LeSabre and is low af without any lowering springs.
  2. I own a 97 Honda Prelude VTI-R. Not really sure what you class a enthusiasts car as.
  3. That's enthusiast to me and you beat the crap out of my 3.8! Love it
  4. Haha thanks. The car is a real rocket ship when I stomp it.
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  5. The real question is have you high centered it on a curb? lol the Buick I'd that low stock! Haha
  6. What do you mean by high centered it on a curb ?
  7. Drove off a curbed edge and the bumper and frame wereon the ground and we had to push it to give the front traction
  8. Oh. I havent done much to the car yet.
  9. Well it's a Honda so you got alot of options. Does yours have 4 wheel steering?
  10. Nah I just got Vtec model.
  11. You got a great base and its a Honda so theres millions of bolt ons for those engines!
  12. Yeah haha I have had a little look online and there are heaps.
  13. I have a 80 something celica...
  14. Swag af. Love celicas
  15. I can't drive yet but I plan on getting a Nissan 240sx
  16. Cool but most are riced or trashed look for a clean example
  17. I am getting a 180 soon and will be converting it into a sileighty.
  18. Sweet, I like your personality! Do you have just the one right now? I really want a Buick regal gs from the early 2000s but love my sofa too much to sell it
  19. Nah I need to save up a little bit more to get the 180.
  20. It'll be worth it! You should do a build forum on off topic so we can see progress

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