i got bored so i wrote a really bad car story that never happened before

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  1. It was night.

    The highway was paved with a thin layer of rain water, as the drops poured down and beat down on all the traffic. The lights of the vehicles shone brighter than the moon, moving down the highway as thunder clapped throughout the night sky.

    "This is beautiful," she said, her green eyes looking out the window to stare at the reflection of the car. A streak of black followed the car by it's side.

    "I like rain, too," I muttered to her. I really did. Seeing Ayrton Senna in the days as a child was astonishing to me, how he gripped the track as everyone else was spinning out and crashing while he was as fast as a bolt of lightning.

    My friends were a few cars ahead, but they weren't going to abandon me. I went through some gaps to catch up. Seeing the rear-lights of an RWB Porsche 911 told me, "you're here! You're here, slow down!" So I did. The driver of the 911 was heading to an exit, I followed. So did the convoy of 3 other vehicles, our engines echoing through the valley.

    We were heading towards the Touge route on Mt. Sokudo, ready for an epic battle. A race between a quad-rotor Rx7 and a jacked up Porsche on steroids, what could be the outcomes? The rain poured down harder, I corrected my steering. A few minutes of driving later, we were there.

    it'd be pretty boring to tell you all the irrelevant details of getting ready so I'll cut to the chase. She got out of my car, wished me luck, and the countdown started.

    "5! 4! 3! 2! 1! GO!" His arm went down, and we both took off.

    The Porsche was wider than an obese person eating a double Big Mac, so I had to seize every opportunity to overtake him. The first corner snuck up, making me aggressively downshift, almost clipping the golden rims of that Porsche. With the boost of my car I rocketed out the corner, leaving the green flash 9 yards behind me.

    The 2nd and 3rd corner were a cakewalk-they were incredibly fast. The 4th turn was a sharp hairpin, so I decided to rip the handbrake. The Porsche braked late almost ramming me off the turn. I quickly escaped it as quick as possible, but with it's extreme power it easily caught up, then attempted an overtake. I didn't want to crash him, so I let him pass me with ease. There wouldn't be a turn for a good time, so I used the straight to my advantage.

    He passes me with no effort, then I easily stomp on the accelerator. Clutch, shift. Clutch, shift. I was slipstreaming off of him with the length of the straight. I suddenly jolt to the right to pass. But with the fatty 911 in front of me I couldn't see the corner up ahead. I was in shock, and I suddenly lost grip. I was sliding in to the corner giving me the instinct to grind on my Brembo brakes. Hearing them yelp made me flinch. I downshifted helplessly, then I heard a snapping noise.

    It didn't take long for me to realize I was stuck in 4th gear. I couldn't downshift even if I yanked the shift stick thing (INSERT "READ WITH EYES CLOSE DHUEHEUHAHEUAHA" COMMENT HERE). The fatty Porsche almost swiped me off the mountain, nearly hitting me with a gap of 6 centimeters. I didn't know what to do. Should I waste my precious RE Amemiya Rx7 just to win a touge battle to get nothing? Should I retire? Should I suddenly crash into him?

    I wanted to win for a reason or not. Acceleration was slow, but I was making progress. I redlined at 140 miles per hour, but luckily the run was at least average 109 miles per hour. I braked hard for the corner, suddenly caught up with the fatty Porsche. It was a game of catch-me-if-you-can for 16 corners and hairpins through slopes and spots of danger. A very sharp hairpin suddenly ran in front of me, warning me to brake hard or break your neck (haha funny meme xd). I slammed on the brake, forgetting my gear was stuck.

    I lurched forward feeling some G's flood through my body. My hand caught on my short throw shifter, then with my arm diving forward with my body, it broke free.

    My gearbox was free of being imprisoned in 4th gear. I shifted out of 4th, into 5th, into 6th. The fatty Porsche tried catching up to me, but I already crossed the line. I zipped across the imaginary line, braking hard, shifting down, down, down, down, down. The driving gods dawned their lights on me, letting me win against the Porsche. We got out of our cars, then we had a good laugh about my gearbox mishap.

    A day later I took off the "Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes" sticker then I didn't put it back on for a long time.

    this was really bad sorry lmao
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  2. Saucy stuff ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Then takumi came outta nowhere with his lights off.
    He drifted past me into a corner which no one could do or even try to drift with his speed.
    I was speechless at what i seen from him.
    I must learn from tak.
  4. I attempted to do so. I tried to drift into a corner at the speed Tofu man was going.
    I crashed then my car caught fire then I snapped my neck then the fatty Porsche came down as well and you know the rest.

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