I need help bad on 1/4 mile. Pls halp meh!

Discussion in 'Automotive Tuning & Dyno Discussion' started by explosivegaming, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. 5DE20388-FD42-408D-BD8C-43DDEB09F338.png 77D55138-FDCE-4183-80F7-C93D81663F91.png 27AE0180-6485-42F5-BF04-8B3D658A143A.png Pls help! I’m getting 6.3-6.6 average. I have everything max except turbo which is XR chrome and suspension which is bags + stock engine any help thanks. I use amateur mode btw.
  2. Go for manual shifting, it is faster once you get use to it

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