JDM?Let's go!

Discussion in 'Share Screenshots Of Your Custom Cars' started by Tuneforfun, Nov 7, 2016.

  1. Screenshot_2016-11-07-15-43-17-658_com.StudioFurukawa.PixelCarRacer.png This are the cars that I've built,rate these JDMs which is the best so far?
  2. Nice cars mate!
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  3. Thanks,mate.Maybe I built more in the future
  4. bottom right is so nice
  5. Haha,thanks mate!maybe I build more someday
  6. that would be dope m8
  7. Haha,thanks,thumbs up!
  8. My favorites are RX7 and Sylvia's
  9. Thanks,I made it few days ago since this post came out XD
  10. That's is so nice (all of them) I like the s14 the most r32 is sick nice build
  11. Haha thanks mate!you should check it out the latest s15 I build,more cars will be build! XD
  12. Some sweet cars,mate
  13. Thanks mate XD
  14. After the update.....XD

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  16. Pretty sick cars
  17. Well, I post my best built. I hope you can rate please.❤
    ¿What you think? :D
  18. ThanksXD

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