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    This isnt a team for anyone its for those of you who put your car first. If you own a tuned car that can pull 6.5 or less you are qualified to join this team. Post your car and time if you want to join. all members must own a Japanese car in order to join. if you have any other questions i will answer them in a message. If your a member join this ​

    Owner: Crazy_Pixel_Racer​

    Co Owner: SupraFTW

    Pete Walker

  2. JDMTuned! Nice name, good luck!
  3. You''ll have to beat our team first...
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  4. sorry I cant join my times are 420. Guess I am to blazed.
  5. Screenshot_2016-12-08-20-51-23.png Screenshot_2016-12-01-12-39-37.png here is my r32
  6. Nice team :)
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  7. Thanks I love jdm
  8. It really needs to be jdm or japanesse?
  9. This could be fun.

    Is there room for another member?
  10. Mate, you might have to change your name if you can. Moderators gonna be on you real quick.
  11. When is the members list being updated?
  12. Do it really need to be a japanesse car?
  13. Yes it is jdmtuned
  14. My HKS R32 Screenshot_2016-12-17-17-41-31.png Screenshot_2016-12-17-17-41-31.png Screenshot_2016-12-17-17-41-31.png Screenshot_2016-12-17-17-39-36.png Allow me on JDMTuned, I think this can be a great team.
  15. i get 6.379 with gtr r35
  16. Share screenshots and @Crazy_Pixel_Racer will consider you.
  17. yeah he has a point but i belive you for now
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