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    Hello Guys Welcome to my Thread I created this club to show to other big clubs what we got and to grow as much as possible and to become a competition to others
    If you are sure you want to join this TSL I have 4 requirements

    Team Leader
    Vintage SL

    1.Have around 7 seconds or less in 1/4 mile
    2.Put Black Rims with Red Trembo Slot and White Lugnuts and finally OtherSpace Paint
    3.Put the Club Name In your Signture
    4. Lastly Respect Eachother no rudeness! :)
  2. Do i just add sl to the end of my name
  3. Good luck with your club! Greetings from Widebody Knockerrz.

    P.S. I think you meant "outerspace" not "otherspace"

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