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  1. Ever since I look on the internet and saw weight reduction memes, I thought of this: A Weight Reduction Shop. Yup have you ever wanted your car to be as light as a feather then this may be your answer. This is just for fun and not an idea for the game, so don't take this seriously.

    -Sry got no ideas for this....

    Performance Parts:
    -Plastic Intercoolers
    -Paper Coffee Mug Intakes
    -Plastic Pistons
    -Cheap Metal Turbos
    -2L Soft Drink Bottle NOS Cans

    Tires and Seats
    -Bicycle Tires
    -Plastic Tires
    -Plastic Seats
    -Elementary School Chairs
    -Bean Bag
    -Small Metal Bucket
    -No Seats
    -Pile Of Books

    Bodykits and Wings
    -Complete Panel Remover Kit
    -Cardboard Wing
    -Door Remover Kit
    -Body Frame Remover
    -Stick Wing
    -Half Car Kit

    -Buttonless Key
    -No Lights
    -No Windows

    Yeah... criticism accepted
  2. Those are all stupid. Hahaha jk pretty funny. Ummmm engines.... how about an animation of a hamster running on a wheel???
  3. [​IMG]
  4. - no car
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  5. For engine how about no engine and no floor in the car cause you can push It with your feet flintstone style

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