LEGO Project: 'Stanced, Brick By Brick'

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    Here are some clues from what to expect of my LEGO project:

    The 1st vehicle announced and already known is the classic Volkswagen Beetle. Built originally as an off-roader, but it is now in the middle of a complete rebuild (Featured in 'Closed For The Winter' & 'The Beetle Update' Articles)

    The 2nd vehicle is a Van that has been converted to the Pickup version of a popular European classic. Although it may not be the fastest of the lot, it's still very iconic and around to this day.

    The 3rd vehicle is a classic Italian supercar built for the track. It was the last car in production before the original founder of this manufacture saw it before he died of old age.

    The 4th vehicle is an old school British hot hatch that is a good weekend cruiser. Also known for being an iconic rally car.

    The 5th vehicle is a British manufactured, open-wheeled, track day monster. This has a better power-to-weight ratio than a Bugatti Veyron.

    The 6th vehicle is a high performance funny car built to conquer the 1/4 mile. With ludicrously high horses and big fat tyres sitting at the rear, this thing ain't stopping for nobody (Featured in 'The Beetle Update' Article)

    I will update this thread regularly when I have done some work on the project and I will get ready for some photography shots you guys might like and enjoy :D

    DISCLAIMER: Please do not post on this thread, only the creator can post on here so that it all keeps organized under one user. If you have already posted on here, please delete it. Thank you.
  2. Why have you made the post?
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    Closed For The Winter - LEGO Project: 'Stanced, Brick By Brick'
    BY TheButtKickerUK
    20TH NOVEMBER 2016


    Ever since a month ago, I have been releasing teasers about my upcoming project and the builds I am working on, as I have been having conversations to some lucky people who want to get in on the action behind closed doors. On this day, I have decided to release one of the builds you may be familiar with.

    Here is the current state of the Volkswagen Beetle that is being rebuilt from the ground up. Originally, I had it built to tackle the terrain as an offroader, but I had a change of heart and decide what most car enthusiasts would normally do to their street cars, but as you can tell already, progress isn't going so well.


    Because for the past week or so, it has been snowing outside, which means that part stores have been closed because of this reason, and that also means the box trucks that deliver the parts, although I have been lucky enough to get my hands on some parts before the snow stopped everything in its tracks. If you didn't know already, I live in a part of Canada where snow can become deadly in the worst of conditions during winter.


    Right now, the front and rear sections have red parts instead of the light blue colour I found the Beetle in, because I wanted to go with something a little more out of the ordinary, or unique if you will. I have restored it before going onto the interesting stuff, so I have made the fuel tank bigger, removed any unnecessary components, reinforced the chassis and bodywork and so on. I also have the stock engine which I have rebuilt and kept because I wanted something original with this build.


    I am working other things such as the suspension setup for the front and rear, the roof rack and some other things that I may let you in on in a later date, but for now, the Beetle going nowhere. The original fenders had to be cut away because they were rotten right through, from the years of the rust build up which wasn't nice and pleasant to deal with.


    I know it's going to take some time to get the parts in and get started on, and of course it's not going to take long to do because of how easy it is to apply the parts (well, for this car at least).


    So to sum things up in one paragraph, progress is slow for the time being, so getting the rest of builds that need doing for this project will take longer than usual to do, but rest assured, once the snow melts away and things return to normal, I can get started and order the parts needed to complete the VW Beetle, and I have a set of Steel rims which may suit the build well, but anyway, time will tell.​
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  4. Is there anything you can't do?
  5. Wow - Looks so awesome bro :)
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    Less Progress, More Snow - LEGO Project 'Stanced, Brick By Brick'
    BY TheButtKickerUK
    5TH DECEMBER 2016

    It has been two weeks ever since I posted about my progress on the Volkswagen Beetle, progress is still slow and grinding to a halt because the snow has not yet melted, in fact, it has snowed even more for the past few days. Unfortunately I don't have anything else to do for the project but to wait for the snow to melt which will take some time to do.


    Late last night, my sneakers half-buried into the snow, I decided to walk out into the snow and take some nice photo shots while it was still snowing, although it was pretty surprising not to see anyone else enjoying the snow, all fresh and ready to use! Christmas decorations all around for me to look at and enjoy with my so-called "break" from the project.


    Unfortunately, I got a call from the owner of a rare Ferrari in Canada several miles away from my town that we can't deliver it until spring of next year, which would've been perfect for a new build for the project if there wasn't much snow to get it to my house to rebuild. Which is a huge shame that I have to wait for a while to get the project back into full swing.


    So anyways, progress is very slow atm, I have done what I can do to the beetle for the time being as I have ran out of parts until I can order the rest of the parts I need to finish the build, I can't say for certain it's a walk in the park right now. I woke up this morning to see a car parked on the side of the road mostly buried in the snow, so that's how bad the situation is for the time being.

    I don't know how long it's going to take but I will let you guys know when the snow is goes and I get to finally get my hands on the owners' Ferrari! As always, time will tell.​
  7. images are broken lmao
  8. Are you sure about that? They look fine on my end (and everyone else's).
  9. Don't quote me on that everyone else.
    it shows text IMG,
  10. It doesn't. It works fine. I think the problem is with your device.
  11. Nope, my phone, my pc and my tablet they all don't work lmao.
    I wanna see it :3
  12. Then maybe you have poor wifi? I can't think of any other reason that everyone but you can see the images.
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  13. Umm no, I have 1mb/s internet and it's not poor.
  14. Then you are seeing the images. There is nothing wrong with the images at all. Stop trying to get attention.
  15. The Beetle Build Update - LEGO Project: 'Stanced, Brick By Brick'

    BY TheButtKickerUK
    28TH DECEMBER 2016

    Hey guys, I am back with another post. Ever since less than a month ago, it had started snowing heavily and unfortunately it still has been. Luckily, before things got worse, I was able to grab myself some parts before the roads where impossible to drive on due to the snow. Here is what I have in-store for you coming up as 2017 draws nearer and nearer as the days go by.


    I know for sure that you guys will really enjoy the next bunch of builds coming up in 2017. I know I haven't posted much in-terms of builds in 2016 as I was pretty late in doing so, but rest assured, I will keep pushing for that drive to get the builds going quickly. As time progresses, the Beetle is coming quite well and ever so steadily. Don't you worry guys, this one image above reveals as to what to expect in the coming weeks.

    See you later, and peace!

  16. These will look great when they are finished.
  17. I can't wait for this to be finished.

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