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  1. Following on from @TurboYoda02 's thread I thought I'd put up a "My Garage" thread too.

    Here's how it stands currently;


    The drifty Rex and drag Camaro are both from me the last WSP comp, both built for show not go!

    Screenshot_2017-01-07-11-52-39.png Screenshot_2017-01-07-11-53-11.png
    The Miata/MX5 is a full house VR38 build, it'll run 6.2 second 1/4's.
    My favoured drag cars have been the MX5 and RX3 since I started playing and I have built a good half dozen or so of each over to he last few months. My fastest car was a Smart, which I got down to 6.157.

    Current favourite is the VW Type1 - classic Beetle, there's three of these at the mo, the ratlooker built with LMS wheels because they look like eight spoke EMPI's used on four stud Bugs. I love his the Blast Pipes look like a Stinger exhaust. This has a full house build on the the stock 1600 and will run 7's, but is annoying being FWD!



  2. Here's a few of my favourite previous builds.

    Screenshot_2016-12-24-05-51-51.png Screenshot_2016-12-27-21-14-36.png Screenshot_2016-12-27-19-20-13.png Screenshot_2016-12-24-17-37-04.png Screenshot_2016-12-17-21-41-46.png Screenshot_2016-12-17-21-49-56.png Screenshot_2016-12-09-14-35-40.png Screenshot_2016-12-07-13-08-57.png Screenshot_2016-12-04-21-01-04.png Screenshot_2016-12-12-21-01-08.png
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    Thanks for the shoutout, you've definitely got some interesting builds there.
  4. They all seem a bit to slammed, try putting them up to around 3.50
  5. Slammed is what I like - anything that actually gets used goes up to 4.5 everything else stays on the floor.

    Until the middle of last year I dailied this:
  6. You're the opposite of me then lol
  7. I'm quite partial to lifted too, but haven't put together anything myself yet.
  8. My lowest car is at 4.0 and tge rest are at 1-3
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    I've been enjoying the new livery/sticker designer.

    I love the Garage Matsuda / Godspeed You! C10 Skyline sedan from the Black Emperor club, its paint is based on a livery used on in period on kpgc10 racers.

    8015168348_a1ec228532_b.jpg Screenshot_2017-01-18-11-24-52.png

    Not such a well known car, but one of my firm favourites since seeing it on the htf blog, this C110 pretty much epitomises shakotan.



    Who couldn't love an R30/31 RS-Turbo

  10. My Retro Racer garage is complete.
    Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-09-24.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-09-12.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-08-59.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-08-46.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-08-34.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-08-20.png Screenshot_2017-01-20-21-08-06.png
  11. A few changes in the Retro Racer garage. I can now go Trans-Am racing...
    Screenshot_2017-01-22-13-38-18.png Screenshot_2017-01-22-13-33-37.png Screenshot_2017-01-22-13-44-54.png
  12. The cars that the Mustang and Camaro were based on...

    01-kar-kraft-boss-302-rk.jpg 003.jpg
  13. The BRE 510 livery is also pretty cool on the Sunny truck.

  14. My daughter has watch me making some of the liveries, and asked if she could have one.

  15. Another livery from a Black Emperor club car, this time replacing the LB RX3.

    Screenshot_2017-01-23-20-02-52.png 12783432_490877504432816_2098824713_n.jpg

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