movie cars!!

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  1. here is my general lee with a blower. anyone got any other movie cars?

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  2. Screenshot_20170223-130410.png hans mazda rx7 from fast and furious
  3. Nice cars both of you ;)
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  4. Screenshot_20170224-065104.jpg Paul Walkers supra from fast and furious
  5. Screenshot_20170224-075430.png

    Attempt at Dom's Charger
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  6. Shouldn't you be using the 69 charger which is in game , not the challenger which you used
  7. Herbie Screenshot_20170118-145830.png

    General Lee Screenshot_20170117-184011.png

    Lightning McQueen (not really turned out how I wanted) Screenshot_20170118-171117.png
  8. I attempted to make the race herbie Screenshot_20170224-084550.png
  9. Capture+_2017-03-01-15-33-34.png
    Well.... Dom's charger everyone...
  10. I got a couple here, both from 2F2F. Personally, my two favorite vehicles from that movie. Also, they're lose replicas so they aren't exact.
    Screenshot_2017-03-01-03-35-05.png Screenshot_2017-03-01-03-12-51.png
  11. Build Dom's charger

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  12. Screenshot_2017-06-03-20-34-47.png I think its danny krueger
  13. Screenshot_2017-06-03-20-34-44.png Born To Race
  14. Someone do all the Cars 1 & 2 characters lmao
  15. Screenshot_2017-07-14-12-35-27.png Screenshot_2017-07-14-12-35-27.png Screenshot_2017-07-14-12-35-45.png The Ford Explorer Tour Vehicle and Gas Jeep from the movie: Jurassic Park
  16. Dom's charger from the end of f&f7
    What do you think?

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