My MK1 Golf Story

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  1. (ADVISORY: Everything in the following story is fictional. Except for me being an insane gas monkey :p)

    I remember wanting to get my hands on a torque wrench for as long as I can remember; I guess you could blame my grandfather for that. Every Saturday, I remember jumping out of bed at 6 in the morning, tugging on my parents bed sheets, "Hurry up! Hurry up! I wanna get to grandpa's!" . Looking back at it now it seems really selfish, but hey, with a 40 minute drive ahead of you, you want to get going as soon as possible.
    My grandfather owned a 1965 Pontiac GTO, and every time I looked into that dusty garage on his farm in Biwabick, Minnesota, my eyes lit up with joy. It's as if the car had been waiting for me, because grandpa didn't dare touch it until I got to that ranch.
    It was 2008, I was 13 years old, and springier than ever. My grandfather however, was not. He'd become very frail, and instead of helping me with the car, a lot of the time he'd just sit back in a rocking chair and watch. It was saddening, but I figured it was okay as long as I didn't mess anything up.
    I was teaching myself how to replace an air filter, when I realized I forgot to bring the right size socket to get to the air filter. I ran inside the house and downstairs to the storage area, for whatever tool you couldn't find in the garage, however, when I was grabbing a big red toolbox, I tipped a dusty picture frame over, making it shatter on the floor. When i went to pick it up, i took out the original photo, which still looked like new. When I flipped it over, I saw a picture of a man with a big head of hair, with a white racing suit on, and a helmet under his arm. It strikingly resembled my grandpa at a younger age, maybe 20 or 30. The most interesting part of the picture however, was the car he was standing in front of.
    It was an old rally car, a Volkswagen Golf, with a white, red, and blue paint on it to match the racing suit.
    After I snapped out of it, I needed to clean up the mess of the broken picture frame. I saw a broom leaning something covered by a blue tarp. I ignored the broom and lifted up the tarp.
    I saw a circular headlight.
    Then a Volkswagen logo.
    *16 years later*
    My grandpa had passed from a heart attack.
    My parents received the ranch.
    My sister received his leftover money from his pension.
    I had received as he quoted "The Car".
    It couldn't have been the Pontiac, it was stolen while they were on vacation.
    That meant 1 thing.
    It was the VW.
    WEEK 1
    I had the car towed to my garage. It was in pretty rough condition. I'm surprised it stayed in one piece.
    However, after hard searching, there was no place to put it. The car had to be sold. I auctioned it on eBay, it sold for only $11,000. How pathetic.
    WEEK 16
    I moved out to California after quitting my stupid office job. I figured without any crappy weather here, I could buy the car back and keep it.
    WEEK 17
    After tracking the sale, I found it in Las Vegas, Nevada. I bought it back for $6,000. However, it was nowhere near the same. I was infuriated.
    I have no idea what they were planning for this car, but whatever it was, It wasn't what I wanted.
    WEEK 20
    After stripping it of it's hideous upgrades, I bought stock parts and made it actually able to be looked at
    WEEK 21
    I got a repaint, a smooth white looks clean. I figured I'd throw some aftermarket parts on right away as well. Exhaust, intercooler, and intake.
    WEEK 26
    Almost finished with performance upgrades, it reached a new top speed, too. I'm starting to see this puzzle fit itself together, and I decided to go with a vicious 1JZ swap to take on next. [​IMG]
    WEEK 38
    The 1JZ is in, and i'm definatley happy with how this is turning out. It's going to be the show car I've been hoping it to be for a long time. Slapped some mint rims and blacked out brake calipers. Last few wrench turns for performance and yet again another top speed. Not to mention the good amount of horses bucking under that hood. Twin turbos are vicious.
    WEEK 40
    The last finishing touches. It's done and I love it. All by myself, and I'm sure someone is proud of me.

    Thank you for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed that... wouldve liked for it to be more of a dust of the old car and engine, tweak and clean it and then it runs like it did back in it's rally days.. then it smokes all the rest.. almost like when Brian o'Connor picked up that 2jz supra from a scrap heap
  3. What an awesome story :)
  4. Good job. I did one of these with an R35 a while ago. Good to see I'm not the only one into restoring cars. I hope you plan on doing more!
  5. Amazing story mate! Good looking MK1 tho

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