My suggestion on how to make the game smoother and less stressful lol

Discussion in 'Post Up Your Game Ideas & Suggestions' started by Gianni, May 17, 2017.

  1. FIRST OF ALL.... SELLING ITEMS, I think we can all agree that attempting to sell our items in the shop takes too damn long. Especially with all the different variants of each item. So I would suggest making a scrolling grid style selection view that way we can either select more than 1 item to sell at a time to sell and it'll be easier to get to.

    GRID STYLE VIEW. While we're on the topic of grid style I think adding a grid style view to the car dealership, rims, accessories, wraps....PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Having to constantly scroll forever to get what I want is what gives me high blood pressure tbh.

    TUNES. I have come across so many different tunes to the point where I have to save it in my notes section on my phone to go back to every time. I think that making a separate tab called SAVED TUNES in the garage will solve that problem. With just one click of a button, you are able to switch through tunes.
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  2. I vouch for this, very smart ideas that i hope will be put into the game! +1 from me :)
  3. These are great ideas, you should post them at the "Post Up Your Game Ideas & Suggestions" thread so the devs can see.

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