Need help with a few issues:

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  1. So I downloaded the game on my LG G2 Mini D625, currently running Android 4.4.2 with Dalvik runtimes as it came from the factory.

    4.4.2 is the latest android version my device will get for now according to LG's support.

    The issues I'm experiencing are the following:

    1- Cars will not change color even if you paint them, they are all blue
    2- Decals will not apply, the car will remain blue
    3- Sometimes the sprites of the cars will bug horribly, making the cars invisible or look like a NeoGeo machine failed to load it.

    I cannot seem to find a solution to this issue, and I have tried the chat on the main page of the forums.

    I would like to get some help, this renders the game almost unplayable.
  2. Well,you can send a ticket to devs with screenshot of your problem. But if this issue is cause of the android version (because I have the LG G4 with 6.0 and game runs perfectly) maybe there is no solution. But you don't have anything to lose so feel free to send a ticket :)
  3. I have an old lg g2 "vs980", which i had recent flashed back to an original 4.2.2, runtime is dalvik, no root, no mods. Just downloaded the game and I can't replicate any of the problems. I guess I could try and flash the factory 4.4.2 image and check it out again.
  4. I'll try, thing is I'm not able to replicate it myself sometimes, it just happens out of nowhere.
  5. I'm also gonna try cleaning game cache and/or reinstalling, I just hope I don't lose any progress.
  6. Make sure you cloudsaved your progress
  7. Just did, will let you know how it turns out.
  8. okay :) hope you don't have any problems from now on :)
  9. Just lost all my progress :D

    There was stuff saved on the cloud, but apparently it didn't save my last.... 20 logins, so I'm back at a stage I was 4 days ago.

    Let's see if the issue is fixed.
  10. [​IMG] It's not :D
  11. oh,i guess you definitely have to send a ticket to devs
  12. Wow. Definitely send a support ticket.
  13. It looks like it was missing the sprite for the car, so it grabbed random rim sprites.
  14. I've sent the ticket but still no reply, I've tried cleaning cache, reinstalling the app [lost all my progress even with the cloud save feature on (Which apparently stopped saving at a certain point)].

    So I'm clueless.
  15. Do you get errors on iPhone when you try to customize cars? If so I have the exact same issue. It's been 3 updates.
  16. It's a bit sad that you didn't bother to read the post, but no, I don't have ain Iphone...
  17. Oh sorry bout that
  18. So I just got a reply from the support ticket I've sent:

    Marc Mertens, Travis replied to your support ticket at Pixel Car Racers.

    Issues with graphics
    Ticket Password: NEZLQ79K


    Working on a fix for this, sorry for the inconvenience.


    Ticket Id: B7QBVQLM
    Subject: Issues with graphics
    Department: Studio Furukawa
    Priority: Medium
    Status: Answered

    That's great :D
  19. I got the same reply on my ticket
  20. Don't spam my thread please.

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