Non-Pixel Car Art

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  1. Artists and non-artists are welcome. Share your 3D renders of cars, photoshop edits and other non-pixel arts here.
    There's already a separate thread for drawings, sketches and traditional art style over here.

    Here's something i'm working on. :D
  2. try and do some fictional cars aswell
  3. I just finished this Toyota Corolla 2015 and I like it as it was.:cool:

    Or what you think?:D
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  4. Neat work bro. Neat.

    I ought to finish mine as soon as possible. I'd like a new FB Cover.
    Then maybe another one for my YouTube channel art.

  5. Thank you very much.

    Yes, you should finish it soon, I want to see the final result. On the other hand, here another finished edition.
  6. I made this other two.:cool:

  7. Dude that civic is dope! Keep it up :)
  8. Thank you @Jake, but I need improved more my design. :)
  9. So you photoshopped the wing and the widebody? They look good and pretty realistic!

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