Official Widebody Knockerrz (WKRRZ) WPC Thread

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  1. Hi,
    For those of you who haven't played Gran Turismo 6, you probably don't know what WPC is. It's pretty simple, WPC stands for Winner Picks Category. The rules are as follows:

    1. The host (an official WKRRZ member) picks a category of car. Now, this can be anything. Some examples include; Volkswagen, Typical First Car, Classic car (built before 1983) ect. It doesn't have to be a brand of car.

    2. The players (Maximum of 15 for any one category, any cars submitted after the initial 15 will be ignored) will build their cars to these specifications and then display them before the judge.

    3. The judge will pick a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place car. The person who came first, gets to pick the next category. (The judge will be the same group of WKRRZ officials each time)

    4. The game continues.

    The results will be revealed once ALL 15 entries from different people have been made. Please state the order in which you've submitted the cars to make it easier for people to see if the 15 slots have been filled

    The first category is "Cars a middle-aged single mother would drive" Good luck!

  3. Yes, it's open to everyone. You have to be a member of WKRRZ that other members have agreed to be trustworthy. Please stop shouting at me.
  4. thx lol srry caps lock was on

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