Pandem kit

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  1. Show us your favourite builds...
  2. A couple of E30's inspired by this:


  3. Screenshot_2016-12-24-05-55-56.png
  4. Put all of your pictures in one post instead of spamming if a mod sees this you might get a warning or even banned
  5. Screenshot_2016-12-27-21-35-49.png
  6. They haven't all existed to put in one post, I've got three Pandem kits, but one is on a car that is my current proper 1/4 mile car. I've been in and out of this thread every time I've built up a new car.
  7. I wasn't originally a big fan of the kit but now... :p
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Screenshot_2016-12-30-11-32-13.png
  10. Red and yellow actually suit this build really well. Good job.
  11. Thanks Pj!
  12. IMG_4036.PNG

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