PCR on bluestacks crashing

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  1. I tried to play PCR on bluestacks because my iphone broke, but the game keeps crashing and I dont know why. It just quits, I made the post here to see if anyone else had this problem and if we can get it fixed.
  2. what Iphone.
  3. Iphone 5, but thats not the problem, I managed to move my PCR save to bluestacks, but for some reason bluestacks keeps crashing when I try to play the game
  4. Play it on NOX (Another android emulator) and it works very well.
  5. Same! I can't even open 10 crates.
  6. What is bluestacks?
  7. I think I found a solution. Stop playing with HIGH GRAPHICS.
  8. I think iphone 5's had some issues.
  9. He said his iPhone broke - so he tried out Bluestacks & thats crashing.
  10. I guess it does help to read what the guy says.
  11. lol right
  12. I have the NSX and Everytime I try to go to the drag races my oppenent never "burns rubber" and never stages ? Anyone know why? Its only with that car, My s2000 runs no problem

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  13. Thanks so much, nox is way better than andy and bluestacks XD

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