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Discussion in 'Share Screenshots Of Your Custom Cars' started by Ph4nt0m, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. I like the dumpster bin i think its very appealing to the eye i know its stock but it still looks good
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  2. I like your taste
  3. 39 Diamonds?
  4. :p my bro messed with my phone
  5. It's always someone's "brother" as to why their game is messed up..... Hmm
  6. Lol if I had a brother I'd blow his money on useless in game currency faster than a GTR hits 60
  7. erm which livery is on gtr? black one :D
  8. It looks like "Modern Camo"
  9. no its not i have it and its little bit green :D
  10. Yup you're right haha, screenshot is so fuzzy I had to look again. It's "Splatter G Clear" So the black is the paint color and the grey splatter is livery
  11. its the clear pb
  12. its the one that is blue and pink but clear version with charcoal as the main color of gtr
  13. I dont like the new 2017 gtr :l
    how about you guys
  14. gave my 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Mk.I a gold scoop like it?
  15. So you don't like the 2017 gtr that has only minor visual differences to the earlier r35 gtr. But you like the earlier r35 gtr so much you have 2 in your garage . Hmmmm xD
  16. And i don't the like the r35 gtr imo its just a fat pig . A mustang gt350r is faster around a track than the 2017 gtr (with less power than the gtr and cheaper than the 2017 gtr)
  17. In my oppinion, i just don't think it fits the car right ehhm XD
  18. LOL shredding my tires in front of the Five-O mmmm.png

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