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  1. Ahem, capitalisation! Where's the grammar police?
  2. Here's the colours (for shading) you can extract to make your cars have the Worn Sea Wash colour. This works with editing screenshots taken in-game or from the Pixel Car Templates in this thread.
    Just open up a new page on Paint or Photoshop and just extract the colours to get the RGB code, and just copy and paste the RGB and save to colour(s) and you should be good to go :D
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  3. Screenshot_2016-12-30-12-38-57.png Can someone make this one for me?
  4. Rocket bunny boss rx7, not really sure about that light on the left i can edit the whole light if requested 4lnDaqq copy.png
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  5. That's cool. I think just the grill should be a bit less wide and lights should be fully visible from this angle.
  6. How do you make these.... Photoshop? Do you use real life images and pixelate them and add details or make it from scratch?
  7. We can either make them all from scratch and/or use an image as a reference for the angle and the image proportions. As stated on the main post, it is recommended to use either Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, for which we use to make the Pixel Car Templates.
  8. Much better than mine XD
  9. Just made it, Mazda RX7 Rocket Bunny Boss Kit
    RX7 Boss Kit.png
    RX7 Boss Kit.png
    Hope it's good enough. :)
  10. Devil Z anyone? devil z.png Yes, It's another one made using a base... :p
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    and before you ask thats a headlight intake

  12. Actually I already made it. Even did a template of it. But good design
  13. Just spent about 2 and a half hours trying and failing to make a RWB edit. :/ RWB.png

    Oh, Sorry. I didn't see yours. :/
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  14. Np. Also I did an RWB For the Porsche too. You can edit that if you want :)
    I like yours, but it need a nice wide fenders ;)
  15. Front or back? and why?
    Just to know and improve that. :)
    I personally think the rear one is too wide.
  16. Lol your signature it's just crazy :D
  17. Just a request....Ford Mustang Foxbody?
  18. you cant deny a rotary!!!
  19. How do you make these kind of drawings? I'd be grateful for any help :)

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