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  1. Just a request....Ford Mustang Foxbody?
  2. you cant deny a rotary!!!
  3. How do you make these kind of drawings? I'd be grateful for any help :)
  4. Both actually looks strange. It looks better with original RB fenders, just like on @Amanteeee version of Boss.
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    But this isn't a Rocket Bunny. It's a Boss Kit. Look for pics and you will see the difference.
  6. Could someone attempt to make a widebody 370z? Preferably with the teal fade and teal rims on it, like my 370:
  7. There isn't a 370z template yet. But this will be listed down. :)
  8. you can help in way you want just pm and you can help me
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  9. A quick (not so quick tho) edit I decided to do.
    2017 Nissan GTR R-35
    R35 2017.png R35 2017.png
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  10. Here's my try at the 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT
    Challenger 2016.png
  11. A really sloppy RX-7 FC with no wheels, it needs alot of improvements and resizing, feel free to improve it. PIXILART-LOCAL.png
  12. looks good but it has the wrong dimentions
  13. Wrong angle actually
  14. yeah angle i mean
  15. how about both angles and dimensions lol

    ps, good to see more people interested in helping this pixel art community
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  16. Looks pretty good but I think it needs to be more obnoxiously bulky, like the car version of a bouncer. I feel that it looks like lost some weight. But that might just be me.

    P.S. Not really sure I'm allowed to say this, but look at desman/Desmond's signature. It has what I believe to be a really well made challenger on it, maybe could be used as a source of inspiration?
  17. Evo Edit, peep the custom spoiler and intercooler ;) Evo.png
  18. yes.
    fixed it. roof was one pixel tall.
    LM version.
    also, Amantee's NSX.
    Lm Version

    Remember to CREDIT if used.
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