Pixel Trucks: Suggest Your Vehicles Here

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  1. I really think the F-150 Lightning should be added being one of the more tunable American trucks.
  2. Chevy suburban 1995
  3. 1995 chevy suburban untitled.png SUBARBANS FOR LIFE!!!
  4. A 1999 4 door chevy tahoe
  5. the local motors rally fighter
  6. 2016 SRT8 Grand Cherokee
    1997 F-150 Lightning
    2000 F-150 Lightning
  7. 2008 Srt8 cherokee
    2006Trailblazer ss
    2004 Silverado single cab
    2004 Jeep Wrangler
    1991 Jeep Comanche
  8. 1991 Jeep Comanche

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  9. Volvo The Iron Knight pls... download.jpg
  10. Please add

    -Volkswagen Caddy MK I 1980

    - Ford F-100 1956

    - Some kind of Monster Trucks
  11. Mopar or no car!!!
    1998 Dodge Ram Cummins 12 valve, 5 speed
    2015 Dodge Ram Cummins

    Trucks should be able to have suspension kits to either raise or lower and have custom tires and rims, just a few ideas for the future game... :D
  12. 1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
  13. Have you not read the title it says trucks...not cars supercars...trucks this thread isn't even for Pixel car racer it's for a future game
  14. 2015 Chevy silverado lt 6.2 long box. 2006 Chevy silverado ss. 2016 range rover svr 2005 dodge ram 1500 SRT10
  15. MK1 Volkswagen Caddy

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