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  1. I saw the cool logo art for your upcoming game. What's it gonna be like? Are there gonna be just trucks or SUV's too? Offroad races? Is it a good idea to separate the two games? If it's an offroad game you could easily have some rally mods for cars and combine the two.

    Unless it's for, you know, advertisement purposes.
  2. Given the fact that it's in the early development stages I don't know what it will be like.
  3. It is 2D pixel rally truck game.. (By the title)
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  4. Oh, no sht, really?
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  5. You asked for it....
    They do it as a side project.
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  6. They have a facebook page and a rudimentary website. (its the picture of the truck with a link to the facebook page) Since the game is in very early stages, you could suggest features or ideas to be put into the game.
  7. Where did you see the picture
  8. Find it on Facebook..by searching the word 'pixel truck'
  9. We don't have much info, or any at that. All we know is what you know. We've had a picture, and info that it'll be in development. It's been described by the devs as 'PCR with a twist'
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  10. You can time travel?
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  11. I hope there is tractor/truck pulling in this game, or mud racing.
  12. As long as I can make these, I'll buy.

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  13. either way I cant wait to see what they make, ill still keep pcr as my primary game since im more into cars, but it will be nice to have something different :-DD
  14. They should do tug of war!
  15. I agree, that could be pretty cool, but it would be pretty boring after a while since the one with more power will win.
  16. It would be good if they made the new game with two game styles, one game style being off road drag racing/ endurance races online and the othe game mode should be dragstrip racing with drag off road trucks
  17. ....I know this is a year old but I just noticed you misinterpreted my responce. It wasn't one of disaproval, but responding to the answer above of it being a 2D truck racer. Like, duh no ****, I can tell, thanks captain obvious!
  18. Guys when is Pixel Trucks gonna come out?
  19. Be patient young one. Kek :^)
  20. Let’s hope it’s not a paid game...

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