Pixel Trucks

Discussion in 'Ask The Development Team Your Questions' started by AzTec, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Instead of dropping and slamming cars. We're gonna put foot lift kits on Ford F150s. Sounds fun.
  2. Can we get rally cars like Subaru,s, and others to take on the dirt, that would be fun!
  3. Im curious though, why make a second game? PCR already has two trucks (yeah I know they are not to interesting) so why not just continue to update PCR and add more trucks?
  4. Because pixel trucks will have a new game engine + it's about offroading not drag racing
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  5. Not to be rushing the developers.

    They should take their time in perfecting the game before they release it, but does anyone have any idea as to when the big release is?
  6. Is there gonna be a new game?
  7. Yes
  8. Nice :D
  9. dude is there an estimate release date for story mode
  10. You are in the wrong place to be asking that. Next time, please post in the proper thread. But, to answer your question, there is not an estimate about when it will be released.

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