Porsche 911 PCR Fanclub! Tuning+Tips+Friends!

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    Welcome to the Porsche 911 PCR fanclub!

    Goals for this thread are as follows:

    • Be an outstanding community of Porsche enthusiasts.
    • Help one another with tips or advice on anything Porsche related in the game.
    • Be polite and opening minded while also follow the forum rules and regulations.
    • And most important, HAVE FUN! :D
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    2016/09/23: Update! my 911 is now pulling 6.8 on 1/4 :D

    My gearbox is,
    1st = 3.00
    2nd = 2.00
    3rd = 1.75
    4th = 1.50
    5th = 1.25
    6th = 1.00
    Final = 2.50

    (don't forget to time your launch perfectly, and use spray when ready ;) )
  3. Screenshot_2016-09-05-12-06-07.png
    This is my "Yellowbird" struggling to break the 7sec mark atm.
  4. This is my GTR, it gets around 6.4 on 1/4 mile xD

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  5. I would be interested in finding a good 911 tune.
  6. Dream porsche, lower than i usually have it

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  7. Porches are great, im also trying to find a good tune. at the moment im only pulling 8.4 on a 1/4 mile :( not sure how to get it faster without grinding for loads more money hahaha.
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  8. I was able to get 6.90 in the 1/4 but that was with every single part maxed
  9. I ended up getting 11.022 on the half mile with my 911.
  10. I think it really comes down to the gears,
    I have mine setup for
    1st = 4.00
    2nd = 2.00
    3rd = 1.50
    4th = 1.00
    5th = default
    6th = default
    Final = Max at 5.00

    so far my 911 is able to push more then before after the gear change. but i think i need to max out the parts to see real results.
    Anyone else have good setups for gears? :)
  11. I got 6.57 with this tune

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  12. dam, looks good, might try it now :)
  13. this is for the Porsche 911 :p wrong thread...
  14. a thread for porsche 911 tune :) ill be watching to this thread :D
  15. IMG_1545.PNG My 911, I have 4 lol. Best car in this game.
  16. thats my goal, to make a dedicated 911 thread for tuning tips + tricks and general newbie help :D
  17. this is cool dude :D lately i buy a porsche but i sold it again hahaha :D and when i see this threads i need to get one now hahaha :D
  18. looking for a nice 1/2 mile tune, managed to get 12.699 with 1944hp, anyone got a better tune? The one I do have seems to be decent if I ever want to do 1/4 mile though getting a solid 7.7.
  19. Screenshot_2016-09-22-14-44-23.png This is my 911 and favorite car ingame VR38 & 2550 hp

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