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  1. What's a sleeper? Disguised cars? What?
    A lot of power behind a standard exterior,hell yea,that's a sleeper,show us your sleepers,all the hp,and the best time you got,gooo!!
  2. Kinda stock looking, but I kinda chose a bad candidate for a sleeper so I'll be back.

    2JZ Single Turbo w/ Forged Internals & 150 Wet Shot

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    Love this little car.

  4. Here is mine

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    Super saloons/estates/hatches are pretty good sleepers imo Screenshot_2017-10-12-21-20-08.png alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio. Bit flashy. Lots of italian flare but still pretty good sleeper Screenshot_2017-10-12-21-20-02.png dodge charger srt hellcat . Again a bit flashy (especially with the supercharger whine ) . Great for destroying rear tyres Screenshot_2017-10-12-21-19-54.png f90 bmw m5 . Best sleeper of the bunch (along with the rs6 ). Very tame looking. Awd mode for destroying supercars and rwd mode for mad skidz Screenshot_2017-10-12-21-19-46.png audi rs6 . tame looks + quattro awd system for ridiculous launches . All with the practicality of an estate Screenshot_2017-09-20-23-34-53.png mercedes a45 amg . Ridiculously quick hatchback. Awd+ridiculous power for a hatch from a very small engine + some fine tuning by mercs very own f1 team (who have btw won 3 f1 constructors and drivers championships in a row and are on track for a 4th one this year ) canards +rear wing make it a bit flashy tho Screenshot_2017-10-12-21-19-34.png finally a British brute . The jaguar XFRS . The rear Spoiler is a bit flashy . Massive supercharged v8+rwd = burnouts for days
    I know these aren't anywhere near the best sleepers with all the m/rs/amg/srt badges and spoilers. But imo still pretty good
  6. I feel like you guys don't really know what a Sleeper is.
    This is a Sleeper:

    What chu think of my sleeper @Fat_drifter11334 and everyone else?
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  7. That's a nice Sleeper dude!
  8. As i said most performance saloons/estates skirt the boundary of a sleeper sure you won't expect a bmw,merc or audi to be slow but you also wouldnt expect them to match ferraris and lamborghinis in terms of performance since there isn't too much to differentiate them from the regular 5 series,a6 etc .
  9. Screenshot_20171207-224918.png Almost looks stock
  10. 1- (for those of you who don't know what a sleeper is) the hell do you not know what a "sleeper" is
    2- thats a dope az2 sleeper
    3- my turn: gotta get in my sand box, gonna make one (*´∀`)

    rice sleeper or regular sleeper and which car? I wanna hear some suggestions.
  11. F1x swapped...
  12. [​IMG] IMG_1302.PNG Not that fast but enough to shock the hell outta super car fanboys. Oh and it's Jz powered cause screw what people think

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