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  1. I finally found a way to power shift and save me so much time on the track I use the clutch with the up down shift knob option and 3 fingers..it's a pain some times but I get more money that way and better time. Plus it's fun lol
  2. power shift ?
  3. Power shifting is shifting without letting off the gas with turbo cars it lets u keep full boost in between shifts rather then having turbo lag I do it in my boosted Chevy cruze some times and I can get head to head with some v8s and I'm just a 1.4 litter 4 cylinder stock turbo 15psi no mods or exhaust upgrades. All stock.. but I do have plans for it very soon :)

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  4. Ah yes the Holden cruise. Didnt think they made manual versions.
  5. It was hard to get manual lol.. I had to have it delivered from out of state just to have the 6 speed gear box...But 100 percent worth the wait! I love it

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