Premium garages?

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  1. So in ur garage u can buy premium garages for 10 dimons and I was wondering if any one has done that and if it's worth buying them also if u could share some pics of them that would be cool. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work :p
  2. I dont have 10 diamonds but I want a premium garage
  3. Premium Garage 1

    Premium Garage 2
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  4. Definately worth it. Love the wooden one.
  5. Me too,the red and white one looks a bit taccy IMO. Is it just Me, or does the wooden one remind anyone of the garage in tdu2?
  6. Thank you guys for your input I appreciate it :) I'd like to see some builds maybe some rat rods or something
  7. I bought them thinking that you get extra car slots because Im an idiot lol
  8. It's called something "galaxy" I think. It's a gold starred crate item
  9. It's called "Color Glow" and it's a crate exclusive livery. Yellow star rarity so you won't pull it very often. Looks decent on some cars.

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