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Rate Car Above You

Discussion in 'Share Screenshots Of Your Custom Cars' started by MGgames100, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. This is super easy and fun game for everyone, it is huge success in other forums so I hope that it will catch here too :D

    1.First person posts the picture of his car in the game. The person that posts above him have to rate car of the poster above (scale from 0 to 10) and post his car. Then the next person rates and posts his car and so on and so on...
    2. You can rerate your cars how many times you want, just make sure that it's not too often :D
    3. If you see that someone was skipped, rate his car too ;)
    4. Off Topic is OK, but please don't make quote trains and try to keep everything in spoilers.
    5. That's it :p

    My MadeForFun Civic "Seppuku" (yes, it's suppose to be rice)
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  2. Screenshot_2016-09-05-10-15-52.png
    ^^ 9/10 sir I am not a fan of the sticker bomb but good!
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  3. Lmao I just saw it's rice ded
  4. 9.5/10
    I don't like calipers. But the color combo is amazing!

  5. Ye lol I ment to change them
    ^^8.5 not a fan of the bike and it needs a rb kit and stance but looks good!
  6. You need to post your car in here
  7. I did it's the gtr
  8. Everytime you rate someone you have to post a car. Do you have anything else?
  9. Oo I do brb
  10. Screenshot_2016-09-05-11-04-20.png
  11. 8/10
    I do love the color (pink supras are the best <3), but I'm iffy on the wheels. Still looks good.

    My main one.

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  12. 8.5 Sexy but don't like sticker bomb
    Here's my new sti Screenshot_2016-09-05-11-10-40.png
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  13. Hmmmm quite a nice Subie, camp green? Smooth af, wheels are iffy... 9/10

    Here's mine

  14. 8/10, I like the color, but not too big on the wheels with the pink lugs. Still very nice, though.
    Keeping it simple this go round, nothing too special.
  15. 9/10 Love a clean GTR!

  16. [​IMG]
    8.5/10. I don't like the copper-white-red look. But good idea
  17. I like GTRs since I've been watching the fast and furious franchise, but I really like the clean n simple look. Never gets old 9/10

    Screenshot_2016-08-03-23-56-32.png here's my EJ1
  18. I like the car, but not the bike rack. 8/10. My Charger.

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  19. Dumpped charger nice but the wheels could've been a lil better 7.9/10

    Here's my dro993d crx

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  20. #20 sagiskins, Sep 5, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
    Not a fan of Hondas at all but i like the colors and it looks pretty cool. 9/10

    Here is my Supra. I remade the white Supra from FF7. I love it! How you think it turned out?
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