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  1. Nice its very clean
  2. this is kind of a work in progress but here is what i got

  3. upload_2017-5-19_11-2-32.jpeg
  4. Eh work in progress

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  5. 8/10 not a fan of the color combo but all together exceptional build.
    Drag spec GTR. With a close up also

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  6. 7/10 not a fan of a blower on a gtr. Screenshot_2017-05-19-22-35-32.png My hipster miata
  7. Screenshot_20170519-210319.png 10/10 You nailed it. This is my prerunner (had to use the pandem kit for flares)
  8. 9.5/10 Nice car. Screenshot_20170520-112410.png My clean E46.
  9. 9/10. Can never go wrong with a clean look.

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    Screenshot_20170520-074141.png 10/10 that's a sweet porsche, wish I could still buy one. Check out my rb26 swapped 240z Screenshot_20170520-074141.png
  11. 9/10 nice 240z. Here's my gold s2k Screenshot_2017-05-20-13-39-28.png
  12. IMG_0663.PNG 10/10 for that s2k maybe change the wheels though, here's mine that I just finished not sure if I should change the wheels.
  13. 8/10 the white livery line should contour with the whole body imo. But I do like the livery. 2017-05-20 15.48.42.png Screenshot_2017-05-20-15-53-57.png SRT8 Super Bee
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  14. 9/10 Could of been a little better but about as close as possible and better than I could do.

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  15. 8/10 The wing is too big, but its about your personal taste haha.
    My WRC Style Golf: Screenshot_2017-05-20-20-24-21.png
  16. Here's my E36 M3. Screenshot_2017-05-18-03-17-51.png
  17. 9/10 Nice Golf.
    8/10 Cool car, but -1 for not rating the car above you. Screenshot_20170520-230958.png My rally Subaru Impreza hatch.
  18. 9/10 Sweet Subie, might look better with the Redbull Wrap
    Here's my widebody 1JZ Foxbody Screenshot_20170520-200418.png
  19. ^ Image is broken so I'm going off of the Fox.
    7/10, little too low and it's a little too extravagant for me but I really like the new liveries.

    Go Mustang for Mustang?

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