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  1. 7/10. Not really my style. Here's my big turbo, k20 drag civic Screenshot_20170716-163323.png
  2. Took off the gold brakes, now yall should like it better haha...

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  3. Would you mind rating my civic :)
  4. N
  5. Thanks man, as for your eclipse 8/10 man. It's pretty wild :). Here's just a simple, black E30 that's been slammed and has a 2jz swap. It's pushing 2858hp to the tire Screenshot_20170716-175841.png
  6. 10/10 I like so much that build, is perfect.

    And here's my Subaru, enjoy it!
  7. 7/10 I dont like the spoiler..
    Here is my civic i made alot of changes i think its famous car (maybe i seen it on instagram)
  8. IMG_1650.PNG
    8/10 a bit low. Other than that it looks good.
  9. 8.5/10 really cool idea!
    Just finished the decal. Does it look good?
  10. 7/10, not my style but I know that took a long time. Just another rusty old truck....... Screenshot_20170716-195831.png
  11. 8.5/10 Nice truck but i don t like the rusted/muddy roof. Here is my simple design for supra Screenshot_20170717-153937.png
  12. Rx-7...
  13. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking, it was really late for me :p
  14. It's a freaking Mazda....lol
  15. Screenshot_2017-07-17-16-49-53.png
    9/10 Nice supra but I don't like the exhaust
  16. 6/10 not feeling that livery Screenshot_2017-07-17-18-57-25.png E30 M3
  17. 10/10 E30 look like a actual race m3
    Here's my other car my skyline Screenshot_2017-07-17-17-25-38.png Screenshot_2017-07-17-17-25-38.png
  18. 9/10 Nice car, but the rims aren't really my thing. Screenshot_20170718-060646.png My Volvo 850 wagon.
  19. How did you get a volvo????

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