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  1. 10/10 the wheels and headlight tint wirk perfectly. Screenshot_2017-01-09-23-12-32.png here's my golf
  2. 9.5/10 nice clean golf. But the wheels are a bit too 'drag' for me, not really for a hot hatch. Screenshot_20170109-201648.png foxbody racer thingamajig
  3. 4/10 the ride height is too high for that splitter, the rims are matched to the body which is painted in a colour brighter than the sun.
    Here's my spoon race spec EK:
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  4. *ep3 ;) . the ek is the 6th gen civic . The ep3 is the 7th gen the one you have in that pic
  5. Sorry lol, I suck at civics. They couldn't have made more confusing names.
  6. Whadaya want me to do? It already has little ground clearance. And yeah, that color is a bit bright, but I just got it in a crate and didn't want it to go to waste.
    Oh, and ironic you say that, as the color is called ice lol.
  7. IMG_7439.PNG
    Sorry guys, but i don't have a car above me to rate it. But check my evo
  8. There is an ek if you scroll back a bit.
  9. I like your Lancer, it has a very Time Attack feel. Or it could be towards stance, either way it looks good. 8/10

    Angel of Shuto Expressway

  10. Screenshot_20170109-224402.png
  11. No rate? The only reason why i didn't do the supra that was above me, was because we literally posted at the same time xD
  12. but the guy above me didnt post a car?..
  13. Don't like the wing but the livery is great! 9/10

    Here is my FD

  14. Nice RX-7!!!
  15. You can adjust the springs to any ride height oou want, if you want it to look clean and not scrape, 3.5 inches is usually a good bet. And the colour just doesn't suit that kind of car. Maybe a fast and furious era replica tuner car, its just a bit garish. Red and blue also isn't a good colour combo, it makes it look childish, like a toy car. Not like a drag spec monster.
  16. Your car looks nice, I rate 9/10. Love the livery, it looks pretty sweet.

    I don't expect a high rating for mine so please don't give me one lol.

    Instead share me with some advice.

    I got the gold supercharger just then, so I decided to upgrade it to that and my intake to a scoop and I realized that it basically ruined the entire look of my car.

    Should I just keep it / get another car which looks better with the supercharger / sell it to make money and buy other stuff or ...

    Yeah ... feelsbadman when an epic crate item ruins the look of your car entirely.

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  17. Please do.

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