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    everyone's got their 1200+hp cars in-game, but what do you drive in real life?

    i will be driving a 1993 bone stock ford ranger when i pass my road test
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  2. haha I am getting a 1997 Honda Prelude VTI-R in a few weeks. I am also gonna start a Seleighty conversion soon so that will be fun.
  3. Acura TSX 2004
    All Honda Badges GRILL , Trunk and Driver Air Bag
    BC Racing 1 Piece Coilover
    19" Rotiform TMB
  4. 2009 Cadillac CTS4 (AWD) and I'm looking for a CTS-V Wagon but they're hard to find in my area
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  5. I have an Citroën Xsara 1.4 but i´m trying to buy an Vw Passat Variant B4 1.9 with some 17 wheels (Its rare in Portugal) and with Tinted Windows
  6. I'm taking driving lessons now, but I'm undecided between saving up $5k for a used classic Mini Copper or let my mom hand over her Renault Clio 3rd generation...
  7. I currently drive a 2008 Honda fit, but I'm to trying to get something different like a mk2/mk3 jetta or a BMW e30
  8. 05 Lexus IS300, was dream car in high school when they first came out, found one with under 30k and jumped on it.
  9. 2011 Nissan Sentra SE-R (B16)

    Borla cat-back exhaust
    CMod Grill
    Tanabe Racing Lowering kit (1.5" all around drop)
    Injen CAI
    Nismo Oil cap
    HKS Radiator cap
    Nismo interior deco items

    Nothing fancy, and with a CVT, there isn't much available for extensive work. But it gets almost 40/gallon when driven proper, and still has enough power to be fun to sprint around in.
  10. 1989 Toyota supra mk3..
    Nothing special.
    . 2jzge-swap (automatic) waiting on 5spd conversion.
    .Megan ez-street 15 way coilovers.
    .3in cat back to straight pipe
    .she needs TLC ,paint and body work.
    In time it will be boosted but I'd rather get it cleaned up first. (Restoration)
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  11. mine is a 2000 BMW 328ci 193bhp with no mods
  12. 1990 Mercedes Benz 400e W124 chassis looking to install air bags and some nice wheel fitment.

    2012 Mercedes C63 AMG, Water Methanol injection system, upgraded turbos, Megasquirt ecu tuning, built head and bottom end, 7 speed transmission, upgraded exhaust, dyno 763hp (safe tuned)
  13. 2009 Cobalt SS
    Built motor
    Ported LDK head
    Full Bolt-ons
    Stock turbo and trans

    2013 Cruze
    Air freshener

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  14. Ah a holden cruise but you guys call them Chevrolet.
  15. Yes only difference is badging
  16. haha indeed it is.
  17. 2005 Honda Civic SiR (Canadian model) daily driver with a few minor modifications. 330,00kms on the clock, with the original motor & transmission. 1109_10153860729094044_5492628688377640494_n.jpg
  18. 2014 scion frs ( Ultramarine )

    Berk catless mid pipe
    Berk dual tip muffler delete
    Enkei Raijin ( Black Painted) 18x8 + 45
    Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2
  19. Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T. 1620815_877135408971358_9158386307377614682_n.jpg
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    BMW E36 320i Touring and Audi A4 B5 Avant 1.8, both are stock unless you count the M-Sport package on the BMW and bigger rims on both of them. Planning on getting height adjustable suspension, Depo headlights, aftermarket hid's, LED rearlights and de-badged grille for the Audi.

    BMW might face the judgement from metalcrusher since it has some motor issues, needs too much expensive parts for rebuild. Or might keep it until have enough spare money to get bigger engine and upgrade everything else with it from 328i model.

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