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  1. Looking good!
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  2. Yay for the Hondas!

    I myself drive a 1991 Honda Legend Coupe KA8; a rarely seen car nowadays.


    Unfortunately, that's all I have on photos, but hopefully that will change.
  3. IMG_20170106_152228_717.jpg Bolt on fender flares on, now time to bring it a bit closer to the ground.
  4. I got a simple 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.9 in it. Only thing aftermarket is the rear airbag suspension. Sure is fun in the snow thjs time of year though. edited_Screenshot_2017-01-03-05-33-23.jpg
  5. My 1999 NB Miata. Not the best picture, but its the most recent one.
    1.8L BP-4W, Torsen LSD, 5 speed manual. Right now its stock but it's coming a long slowly.
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  6. In fact i actually have a 2006 vauxhall monaro,here,s a photo of it: media.jpeg

    But i would like to buy a 2012 MINI COOPER S,because is small,fast and easy to drive while you having fun with it.
  7. Not the JOHN COOPER works
  8. That actually looks pretty good :)
  9. Roast me buy Im in love with it.
    26 yo Panda IMG_20170110_175825.png
  10. My first car was a Panda, brilliant little cars - and here's a fun fact of the day, the Panda was the last mass produced car with all flat glass.
  11. Needs more wide and 4x4
  12. More wide here in Italy means lots of expensive permission :(
  13. What about this?


    4x4 life
    And, are bolt on fender flares illegal as well?
  14. Fiat fenders are legal but fenders with stock tiny wheels is ugly af .
    I love 4x4 too but now you need €4500/5000 circa to buy a 4x4 in decent condition
  15. And you can buy one windshield for 10/15 euros
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  16. I got a 2001 Lexus Is300 sitting on springs and koni struts.
    Also have a 1990 and 1996 NA miata both orginal.

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  17. 1998 Skoda octavia 1.8T VRS with "18 bronze watanabe 230hp and 203nm torque yellow color
  18. I love those things so much :D
    I want one myself, but they're kinda rare here...
  19. Been a huge rotary fan forever, and owning both a RX-7 FC and a RX-8 for a long time, figured I'd share my 8 with you guys. She loves redlining at 9.3k and hurting feelings on the mountains. She's seen years of track abuse. Info extracted from my YouTube channel.

    My 2008 Galaxy Gray RX-8. List of Mods (as of May 2016):

    Aerocatch Hood Latches
    BFGoodrich Sport Comp2 245/40/18
    BHR Racing Ignition Coils
    Bilstein PSS9 Coil-Over Suspension
    Custom AutoX Alignment from Gran Turismo East
    Epitroch 2-cycle Reservoir Kit
    Exedy Racing Stage 1 Clutch
    GT Spec 6-point Strut Brace
    GT Spec Rear Lateral Tie Brace (S Shape)
    HKS Hi-Power Single Outlet Cat-back Exhaust
    MazdaSpeed Rear Strut Brace
    MazdaSpeed Sway Bars front and rear
    Mishimoto Dual Core Radiator
    RacingBeat Intake & Snorkle
    RacingBeat Swaybar Endlinks front and rear
    Redline Fluid 75-90w in Trans and Diff
    Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood TSII (Color-matched)
    StopTech Rotors Cross-Drilled, Slotted, and Curved Cooling Vanes front and rear
    SOHN 2-cycle Oil Adapter
    Volk TE37SL 18x9.5

    Useless Mods:

    Big Willy's Puddle Lights under side mirrors
    JDM Clear Corner Lenses
    JDM Mazda Window Visors
    Kei Office Eyelids
    Lebren Rear Fog light
    LED bulbs all around
    MazdaSpeed Center Console
    MazdaSpeed Door Release Trim
    MazdaSpeed Door Trim
    Metra Double DIN Kit
    OEM Aluminum Style Window Switches
    OEM Chrome Fuel Lid
    OEM Fender Strakes
    OEM Mazda Aero Kit (front lip, rain guards, side skirts, and rear aero flares)
    OEM Mazda Rotary Valve Stem caps
    Philips Ultinon 6k HID Bulbs (Verified Authentic)
    Pontiac GTO Spoiler
    Rockford Fosgate Prime Speakers (Tweeters, Two-Ways in doors, and Three-Ways in the rear)
    Sony XAV-602BT Headunit
    Voodoo Shift Knob

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  20. To lazy to get a license as of now. Planning on saving to buy an old BMW E30 M3 Evolution 2(been sitting in the same spot for over a decade, this is no joke).

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