Sleeplees garage's Custom Pixel Car Design

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  1. welcome to my Sleeplees garage Pixel Custom Car Design. garage with uniqueness, new ideas, car side views, and custom car contained in pixel car racer and does not exist in pixel car racer.

    all the requests I handle myself, either request of the facebook group and from this forum. when no request usually I poured my own ideas to modify both cars contained pixel car racer or nothing.

    I hope my idea welcomed by developers and studios Furukawa.

    so, please see and enjoy it.

    Crated by : -R I L Z-
    Indonesia SG mazda pickup.png SG CRZ white.png SG EF sedan red candy.png SG EF sedan Neon green.png civic ef 4th Gen.png mini edit.png
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  2. cr-z, sedan ef red and green is the request of my friend on facebook that I do own, while the other car was my own idea.
    the next request comes from the facebook group. I would make is a '70 pontiac firebird, hyundai tiburon, ae101 toyota, mazda 3.;)
  3. I was wondering if you could do a 1993 Honda Del Sol?
    I'd like to get some more people to request adding it in but it's unfortunately not a very widely known car, your work is fantastic, thank you
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  4. I'm in love with that Mini and the Air Raider Truck :D
  5. I'd love to see the delsol as well
  6. @Jeremy1470 Thank you for your compliment. you know that I also like the product of a honda, del sol is one of them. maybe I'll try to make it after a request is completed I do.
  7. thanks @GonzaSwag , two cars (mini and trucks) My custom is based on my own ideas
  8. @Ryan hall you will see it tomorrow, after some other projects that I completed.:D
  9. hi @Jeremy1470 and @Ryan hall , i have completed yours Honda Delsol 1993 request. I hope you like it.;):D SG CRX del sol (jeremy1470).png
  10. some request facebook group who had finished I do:
    SG Hyundai tiburon (joshua prince).png SG civic FD2 (milad saleem).png SG Toyota AE101 (miguel salvador lebanto).png SG Pontiac Firebird '70 (dylan lehigh).png SG Mazda 3 (danny torres).png
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  11. It's that a Hyundai Tiburon/Coupe?
  12. Thanks @GonzaSwag , Do you know how to propose the design of my car to developer / Furukawa studio that can be realized in the game?
  13. Yeah, thats hyundai tiburon 2003. Request by Joshua Prince on group Facebook Pixel Car Racer :D
  14. Nice! You're really good at this, keep the good work bro! :)
  15. IDK, Maybe post them as a suggestion in the suggestions section?
  16. thank you very much, of course I will continue to create / modify the cars in the form of pixels.;)
  17. Oh okay, i Will try to post them in the suggestions section
  18. Cool, I'll gladly give it some feedback! ;)

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